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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Old Man Winter Is Charting His Course

So here we are already with Old Man Winter winking in the night, the crisp icy chill skipping off our jackets sleeves as we are thinking of warm fires sparkling in our hearths and hot chocolate simmering with whipped marshmallow and just hint of cinnamon to sneak in some spice.

    I love this time of the year. Christmas still lingering in the wings, gatherings of those we hold Dear, sumptuous decadent foods, and of course the brilliance of bright lights dangling from rooftops and jingle bells announcing that their merriment has not yet faded as January tosses her frosty satchels, and flatly declares her arrival! So as the Autumnal colors are making their ways into the canopy that is passing, what are your hopes and wishes as culminations are charting notes, and creating maps to their new destinations, pathways into our current lives?

     There is a strange mix of magic as the landscapes start to turn bare, leaves crunch under our feet, vine and thistle are dry and stillness dots the sky. It is a time to step back and to take stock of what to take forward and what no longer is bringing you affirming fruition's. Time to realign and time to be a Guardian for yourself. Remember what they say about telling yourself there are no weeds in your garden? One day you walk out and they have taken over much to your chagrin. So while our attentions go soft focus, glancing off to watch Father Frost gathering
ice cycles on Moonlit sleigh rides, allow yourself time to be fully present to truly enjoy celebratory moments that capture the treasures that life holds for us all. It is a fine line, and we must gravitate toward precision in order to capture the joy and the majesties of the upcoming Season, and still find time to refine or in some cases redefine our aspirations, and where we are in regard to our own inner checklists of where we feel we should be at this juncture of our lives. It is fine to hold our selves up in the light of others expectations and those we feel high regard for, for some that gives us a checks and balancing system, but living up to your own self regard is crucial. When all is said and done and you find yourself looking back will you admire the reflection staring back at you or will you want to turn a blind eye?

     Remember what ever issues arise, keep your hearts light and visualize a soft warm pink glow surrounding your heart and all of those you Love and care deeply for! Oh let us savor the merriment, but also let a new Dream start to twinkle in the inner recesses of our mind's! Like a new shining trinket that we are positively gleeful to polish, to lovingly place ever so carefully right on our nightstand's, reminding us that moving forward can have it's own rewards! Sometimes just taking one first step gets us flowing into our New Dreams! I will leave the night light on, even when the Sun is dancing in from a new morning that has just arrived! Always leave a soft light on, it lends it's warmth as a Sweet Guide beckoning to us, and as for me, I love that subtle affirming companionship!
Much Love & Blessings,
Your SteamyPhilospher,

Artist Credits : Opening Beautiful Winter Princess - Josephine Wall
                         Both Brilliant Cat Paintings - Ruth Sanderson

Let's Aspire To Live Happily Ever Now!

Let's Aspire To Live Happily Ever Now!